Marvin features

revolutionize your VFX workflows with Marvin’s 7 powerful tools…

shots — prep turnovers to a vendor

import .edl or .xml sequence files

add text

add a prefix or suffix, such as the show code before each shot id


automatically generate shot ids for an entire reel, even with multiple scenes or sequences and complex intercutting

calculate handles

estimate the handle timecodes based on an EDL

change case

convert shot ids back to lowercase that were capitalized in an EDL

match markers

add the matching marker names and tracks that aren’t included in an EDL

merge multi-plates

combine multi-plate shots so the subcaps don’t get cut off


NEW — confirm that the right versions are cut in before dropping in to the DI

replace text

change every shot description to “muzzle flash”

substitute text

fix a typo in the sequence code


• generate separate subcaps for shot ids and descriptions
• move markers to the middle of shots
• create a .dcut sequence file to check for changes in Marvin
• save EDL as a spreadsheet