what is Marvin?

For anyone working in post production, Marvin will be your new best friend.  Marvin is a one-stop-shop for parsing Avid’s EDL, XML, ALE, marker, and subcap files.  It also extracts scene info from Final Draft and ScriptE, which you can use to create continuities or populate a shots database.  There aren’t any plugins, and you don’t need to know how to code anything in FileMaker or RegEx.

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auto-number & prep your vfx

Do you need to number 200 shots across 10 scenes that are intercut?  Marvin can automatically ID them in seconds.  Have you ever misspelled the sequence code in hundreds of shots?  Marvin can instantly fix those too.  Do your subcaps get cut off on multi-plate shots?  Marvin is smart enough to detect them and cover the full length.

Watch auto-numbering in action!

change your change list

You’ll never look at a change list in the same way after you’ve seen Marvin’s cut changes tool.  Marvin visually represents changes between two versions of a cut using intuitive, easy to recognize, and patented icons.  Once Marvin has analyzed your sequences, simply export a PDF and send it to your vendor!

cutting in shots 1-by-1 is so 2022

Revolutionize your review prep workflow.  It doesn’t matter if you have two shots or 2,000, Marvin will help you cut them all into Avid in just two minutes!  The first-of-its-kind submissions tool lets you focus on reviewing the shots instead of wasting time cutting them in one at a time.

Watch the submissions tool in action!

prep dailies faster

Using ALEs, Marvin makes it easy to add custom metadata columns that merge with your master clips.  You can also set handles and tracks to create subclips or specify a mark in to export more relevant thumbnails for your codebook.

make markers work for you

Marvin has filters for marker color, track, name, and type, so you can search for whatever you need and then export lists for anyone.  Update markers en masse in seconds.  There’s even a hidden way to see when each marker was created and last modified.

tailor your export options

Marvin lets you export markers and subcaps with or without descriptions if you need to quickly remove them before turning over to a vendor.  It can also move markers to the head, tail, or even center of cuts.  And if you’re using your own shot tracker, Marvin exports everything in CSV and XLSX formats for easy importing into everything including Flow Production Tracking (formerly ShotGrid), FileMaker, Excel, and Sheets!

extract scene details from scripts

Marvin can pull scene sluglines, descriptions, page numbers, and lengths from Final Draft and ScriptE files. Why retype all of that script information into your vfx database or continuity when you could import it instead?!

ready player one (two, three, four...)

Single users can access Marvin on their local computer —or— your whole team can work simultaneously when the file is hosted. That means the editorial and VFX editors, assistants, and coordinators can all use Marvin at the same time with just one license.