who is Willoughby?

Does your shot tracking database look like the instrument panel of a 747?  Are there unlabeled fields that don’t serve a purpose?  Random buttons that you’re afraid to push?  Rows of checkboxes for who knows what?  Or is it just a spreadsheet?  Willoughby is not that!

spreadsheet ≠ database

Willoughby was designed to set the new standard in visual effects shot tracking and management with intuitive navigation and an uncluttered interface.  We’ve combined our years of experience in the visual effects industry with the technical knowledge required to leverage the full power of a relational database system using the affordable FileMaker platform.

versatile statuses

Willoughby offers a variety of default status fields for shots, versions, vendors, and more.  Since every show has unique needs, the statuses are all customizable (including text color and backgrounds).  You can even create your own specialized status fields to track any additional information you’d like!

collapsible content

Too much visible data can be overwhelming.  If you prefer the minimalist view of a shot’s detail page, one click will hide supporting data, leaving all but notes and vital summary fields visible.  Should you want a bird’s-eye view of a large list, Willoughby’s collapsible content can reduce hundreds of shots to their main categories, grouping every row into just a handful of parent headings (e.g., scene, vendor, status, priority).

tags, saved finds, & snapshots

You can effortlessly perform complex finds in Willoughby using multiple criteria to locate whatever you need.  Shots with common attributes can be designated with user-defined tags.  Your favorite searches can be saved for later retrieval, instantly—or you can create a snapshot of a found set to send to a colleague, so you’re both looking at the same thing.  Ever get an email with a list of shot numbers?  Simply copy and paste them into Willoughby.  It’s that easy!

shot costs & variances

Producers can track simple financial data such as breakdown, bid, and actual vendor costs.  Running totals and variances are available on each shot, including the ability to track costs between vendors for shared shots.  Savings can be expressed as either a negative number (current cost – original cost) or a positive one (original – current).

in-house management

Willoughby streamlines the management of your in-house VFX team.  Artists have their own homepage that lets them see the shots assigned to them, the shots they’ve submitted, and any notes they’ve received.  They can also view a list of shots available for them to start.

specialty access for vendors

Willoughby also allows your vendors to access their own shot data using just a web browser.  They’re able to log in to your database’s specialized Vendor Page, which shows them real-time updates to thumbnails, descriptions, statuses, notes, and other data.  This info is downloadable for easy import into their own shot tracking software.

wanna join our beta program?

If your television series posts in the Los Angeles area and you are interested in our private beta program, please reach out and tell us a bit about your show, including:

  • in what city are your post-production offices located?
  • how many users will you have (incl. artists & vendors)?
  • what are the estimated start/end dates for the season?

If you work in feature films, please do not request participation at this time.  Once we release Willoughby for episodics, we’ll update the information here with our timeline for a version geared towards long-form filmmaking.