Willoughby | vfx shot tracker

Intuitive and friendly, Willoughby provides users with a clean, consistent interface so they can focus on their VFX data rather than on the tool used to track it.  Built on the powerful and affordable FileMaker platform, Willoughby offers a complete range of features to support your visual effects show, including a free license for Marvin, our popular data translation tool.

Our VFX shot management database is currently in private beta for episodic television productions.  A feature film version is also in development.

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Marvin | data translator

Your database is only as good as the data within it, which is why we developed Marvin, a stand-alone data translator that automagically transforms essential shot tracking details into a more human-friendly format.  Once ingested, data can be modified with an assortment of tools and then exported for use in numerous other applications, including your preferred VFX tracking software.

Built on the powerful and affordable FileMaker platform, Marvin eliminates nearly all manual data entry, which drastically reduces errors while saving hours of work each day.

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