Evie | workflow templates

Evie is a collection of web-based workflow templates for both feature film and television production teams.  Each template can be customized to your show’s unique specs, conventions, and protocols to ensure that everyone is on the same page from day one.

We’re still putting the finishing touches on Evie and can’t wait to announce more details!  To be the first to hear about Evie’s public launch, sign up for our Doom News mailing list.

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Marvin | data translator

Post-production and VFX teams alike rely on Marvin to streamline their television and feature film workflows.  Your Avid project and shot-tracking database are only as good as the information in them, but accuracy requires painstaking time, which makes for longer workdays.  Marvin automagically transforms complex data into more human-friendly formats, making it easier to handle the information overload you experience every day.

Marvin’s automated tools allow you to be more productive by drastically reducing errors without sacrificing speed.  With Marvin by your side, you can get home earlier to your partner, kids, book, video game, pet hedgehog, or even just your pillow.

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Marvin Jr. | Avid panel

For anyone using Media Composer, Marvin Jr. will be your new best friend.  Marvin Jr. follows in the footsteps of our popular data translating app Marvin — but there’s nothing junior about it.

Marvin Jr. is an Avid plugin developed using their Panel SDK, which allows you to perform actions on sequences and clips without leaving Media Composer.  Keep your eyes on the timeline with Marvin Jr.

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Willoughby | vfx shot tracker

Intuitive and friendly, Willoughby offers a clean, consistent interface that allows you to focus on the visual effects data rather than on the tool used to track it all.  Built on the powerful FileMaker platform, Willoughby offers a complete range of features to support your show, including a free license to Marvin, our popular data translation tool.  To date, our beta testers have tracked over 50,000 VFX shots!

While Willoughby is being upgraded with new features, we are not accepting any new shows into the beta testing program.

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